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Groups offered by People to People:

Anger Management Group:

The goal of this group is to decrease aggression and anger. This group is a combined cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach that uses relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills. Participants use different interventions to develop individualized plans to aide them in controlling their anger. Important components of the treatment are monitoring anger through the use of cues and developing strategies to help form control plans.

MAD* Women's Group: (Mood and Anxiety Disorder)

Short-term group for women having experience with anxiety or depression in their lives. Targets skills in positive care of self, strengthening relationships, and increased understanding of and skills in managing mood and anxiety.

The Joy of Living group

The Joy of Living group runs for 9 weeks once a week with a 2 week break between sessions. The Focus of the group is primarily coping skills for living with depression and anxiety. These include but are not limited to learning to feel comfortable in social situations and learning to live better and happier on a daily basis. Some group activities include team building ( learning to work in a group )

Interventions, such as making a memory box, free time to practice socialization and learning what works for you ".Coming Soon!

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